10 Snapchat Tricks you do not know for sure

Do you consider yourself a faithful follower of Snapchat? It turns out that besides us spend hilarious moments, has some tricks we did not know!

  1. Re-use filters that are no longer available by changing the date of your cell

What? Yes, you can have your favourite filters back with only delay the date of your cell. Just look at what date did that filter that you liked so much, and do not forget to update the date back when you’re done using them!

  1. Use and draws with new colours and secrets

Czech how:

– Draw with white: Touch regulator rainbow colour and drag your finger to the upper left corner. Android users already have built-in white slider rainbow.

– Draw in black: Touch regulator rainbow colour and drag your finger to the bottom. Android users also have already black.

– Draw in hidden colours of the rainbow Drag the slider to the left or to the bottom to use colours that are not available in the palette. You’ll have many more!

– Draw with a transparent colour (for Android): Press down on the rainbow slider until full colour palette appears, and then select the transparent colour. Wow!

  1. Using two filters at the same time

You can use Snapchat hack a standard filter and one location at a time. All you have to do is slide to the left as you normally would to add the first filter. Then hold the screen with a finger and continues sliding another finger to add the second filter. Magic!

  1. Activate night mode

Do you see a small symbol of a moon on your screen? Well, that is! This will help you take better pictures when it is night or when you have poquita light.

snapchat logo

  1. Add extra colour to your photos using emoji

What? How? It’s simple. Choose an emoji that has the colour you want and zoom in with your fingers until it begins to pixelearse on the screen. Then drag the pixilated picture to make it look like a colour or gradient filter area.

  1. You can add friends even if you have your contact info

There is a feature called “add to someone close”, which allows groups of friends added between them, provided they are close.

  1. Active travel mode to save battery and data

All fans of this app know that our battery spends more not power, but for this not to happen to you, you can use the option: mode of travel.

  1. Add more text allowed Photo

It turns out that our application “notes” is the super heroine this. Select a line of white text and copy it to the clipboard. Then, open Snapchat and see where the text goes. You have to copy the white text (copy of a text no longer works), and then manually move the cursor to the next line.

  1. Renames you see your friends in chat

You probably already know this, but clicking the icon 3 lines in the name of your friend in a chat, you can see your Snapcode, score and name. More Score you leave your name options to edit or delete lock.

  1. Secure your checking account login

This is so that your Snapchat is even safer because once active verification login, you can not access your story from another add-in until you put a secret code that comes to you via SMS. Top secret!

Already you know any?

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